festival news!!!

la indi film festival!!

dill will be screening in the usa!!

CineKink official selection and screening in New York!!

dill will be screening in the usa!!

short to the point festival !!

red hot film review

to read the whole article click on logos!!!

Robert Trott, who wrote and directed this quick little film, has one hell of a set-up for a short movie. Just after the... coupling of a man and woman - use your imagination - I was treated to some narration by the person I thought I was seeing onscreen. An internal diary of the struggles presented by relationships in general. The highs of sex, and the inadequate feelings that would come after. Our narrator goes on his little rant about how upset he is, to be constantly used and receive no real love in return. No true sense of connection. A sad little narrative that when watched onscreen, looks very different than what we're hearing. Our "man" in question looks happy as he gets dressed. The woman obviously being spoken about, looks anything but the sinister, emotionless witch we've been hearing about. Suddenly it's time for the "after the deed" smoke, and our nameless man searches for a lighter in a near by drawer. That's when our narrator is found... tucked away inside the night table. "The Insecurities Of Dill" has just taken on a completely new meaning, and yes ladies and gents... everything becomes so much more amusing.
  Keeping this review completely spoiler free is damn near impossible. Read the title of the film, and read between the lines of what I'm writing - you should quickly understand who "Dill" is and what this title is really about. Once you figure it out, or once you see the film, you'll quickly be in on the joke. The serious, dramatic feelings will quickly melt away, and you will probably be smiling. She uses me. No three words could better sum up this film. Spot on........

red hot news about the film

we only went an bloody won money!!!

dill is over the moon to tell you that we have won a grant from genera films. an amazing funding platform...

now we are teamed up with this fantastic band of heroes we can get the film into tones of festivals. 

animation animated!!

dill has a finally come to a point where we can start showing him to the world. the insecurities of dill is now festival ready and itching to hit a silver screen in your city. it just can't come too soon. no pun intended.

a programers wet dream!!

dill has now been submitted to thirty festivals world wide. long wait to hear from any but excitement is only a reach into a draw away! 

dills mother would be proud. 

news flash!!

dill has a sexy new look!! Grade over!

epic news!!

we have just confirmed that steven scott will be animating dill!! Steven is an amazing scottish animator who has already got to work with creating our dream dill.     exciting times ahead!!

news flash!!

we have just got the new poster! photography by associate producer tom mcdaniel and made by graphic designer gustavo daniele. 

hot off the press!!

the shoot is over. here are some behind the scenes photographs of our wonderful cast and crew!. 

decision made!!

we are using blackmagic design cameras, three of them in total. we will be using an ursa mini 4.6k as our principal camera with the blackmagic cinema camera 4k on the three axis gamble for our opening shot and a micro cinema camera for one shot. 

fabulous news!!

we have locked the location for the shoot!. 

massive success!!

we have had a great day! our fantastic sound designer and composer mark hodgkin recorded the voice over needed for the film with the tremendously talented james askill.  

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