"she uses me"​



"the insecurities of dill" is short film about hopes, doubts, and crumpets.

dill is being used, and he knows it.

after a morning of "passion" dill's suspicions that the woman he was made for is seeing someone else begin to bear fruit. 

battling his insecurities, he decides to deal with them in the only way he knows how; by pondering politely. who said being the object of someone's desire would be easy?

genre:           animation, live action, comedy, adult humour 

run time:        6 mins 26 seconds

format:          screenable as a DCP, bluray, .mov file or dvd.

aspect ratio:       1:85

sound format:   stereo

language:                 english

budget:               sandwiches and wine

country of 

production:       united kingdom

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